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Full-Service Marketing Consultants with an Accountability Focus

1508 is the marketing consulting firm that specializes in MFM™ (Metric-Focused Marketing). We serve as a catalyst to accelerate sales through innovative strategic business and marketing solutions that focus on maximizing your ROI.

We provide effective strategies that help companies overcome their greatest marketing challenges across nearly all media. Our wide-ranging experience includes:

  • helping many Fortune 100 companies lower their Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) while significantly increasing the lifetime value of
    their customers
  • helping private-equity firms assess potential investments
  • helping a tactically focused event-production firm become a full-service marketing company

1508 was formed in 2004 by a group of senior direct-marketing veterans who wanted to take direct response's laser-focused accountability philosophy and translate it across all marketing expenditures. In just a few short years, we have generated hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients and reached ROMI as high as 1,800%.

Client experience:

3Com, Acura, AARP, Aetna, Allstate, Artis Capital, Audi, Avaya, Bally Total Fitness, BP Amoco, BankOne, Chicago Tourism, Chicago Tribune, Harley-Davidson, Hilton, Honda, Immersa Marketing, Lucent, Marriott, SBC, Sandoz, Searle, Sears, State Farm, Suzuki, United Airlines, Verizon, Wachovia

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Right Brain Thinking. Left Brain Accountability

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What if you had to:

  • instantly adapt to a "new marketing reality"?
  • improve your marketing department's "subpar" ROI in 4 months or else lose your job?

A must-read for senior executives and all marketers who are struggling to prove their spend is effective, this cautionary tale by 1508 CEO and leading marketing thought leader Jay Miller refutes modern myths while calling the profession to full accountability.

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